52 Week Money Challenge Savings Plan

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Have you see the 52 Week Money Challenge Savings plan? It is a fun way to save a little extra money this year and this time in 2015 have an extra $1378 in a savings account.

The idea is to deposit a little money each week into a separate savings account. OR you can do an account for each of your children, this will help get them saving too!

There are 3 ways you can do this: 

1. The basic 52-week money challenge – On week 1, you save $1. On week 2, you save $2. On week 3 save $3 and so on. When you end on week 52, you will have saved a total of $1378! Try to deposit your money on the same day every week to make it easier for yourself.Can you set up a direct deposit each week? My bank will let me and I just scheduled mine out for the entire year!

2. The backwards plan – If you are broke during the holiday season and can’t imagine the biggest chunk coming out during November and December, start backwards! The first week of January you will be depositing $52 and so on.

3. The BIG TIME Saver – Have some extra money but have a hard time saving it? Try doing this same idea DAILY. That means each day you deposit the same amount of money as the date of the day. For example, Jan. 1st you deposit $1, Jan. 15th it is $15 and the 20th $20 and so on. At the end of the year, you will have close to $6000!!

There are so many ways to save a little extra money that can really add up! Remember Paul’s Walmart savings plan? He rounds up his totals and adds the money to a gift card every time he buys something at Walmart. Hey! It works!

You can print off a 52 week challenge HERE to get you started!


  1. Jen says

    I did the $52 first and had it go down. It was so nice to have extra money at the holidays and when you get closer to Christmas it becomes a countdown to the holidays.

    I start mine the Friday following Christmas so that I finish the total by Christmas.

    This year I’m doubling the amount, not only for holidays, but to have more in savings.

    • Nicole says

      I totally agree, I was going to make the$52.00 in the Summer so it wasn’t so close to either the beginning or end of the year!

  2. says

    I’m going to attempt this challenge backwards. I’m actually pretty excited about this. I think is a fun way to save money. Good luck everyone and have fun! 😀

  3. Ro says

    I did this last year and even though I only made it part way through the year still had a little saved to use on Christmas. Especially nice with my husband out of work. This year I’m doing it backward so it will be easier as the year goes along!

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