Walgreens: My Transactions! Saved $55

I ran in and did the following transactions. If you are new, yes, I did make 5 transactions in one day. All I did was let the cashier know that I was making more than one. If someone came up in line behind me then I got back in line behind them.

I spent $12.48 and saved $54.35. I also have $2 RR for next week!

Transaction #1
Noxzema disposable razors 4 pk $3.99 = $3 RR
Use the $2/1 coupon found in the 5/1
Pay $1.99
Get back a $3 RR

Transaction #2
Buy 1 Gillette Proglide for $9.89
1 Arizona Green Tea $.50 (this was my filler)
Use $4 Gillette coupon from the Sunday paper
Use $3 RR from previous purchase
Pay: $3.39
Get back: $5 Register Reward

Transaction #3
Buy 4 Schick Hydro razors $9.99 ( I got the 5 blade)
1 Arizona Green Tea (my filler item)
Use 4 $3 off coupon from their Facebook page HERE
Use $5 Register Reward from previous purchase
Total: $3.48

Transaction #4
Buy 1 Bic Soleil $5.99
Use $3 off 1 from this Sundays paper.
Total: $2.99
Get back: $2 RR

Transaction #5
Buy 2 Right Guard $2.99 ( I got the ones that had the body wash sample)
Use 1 BoGo Free Right Guard coupon from this Sundays paper
Use $2 RR from previous purchase
Total: $.99
Got back: $2 RR for next week!

** The great thing about this week, is that except for the $3 Schick coupons, ALL of these coupons can be found in this Sundays paper!! All you have to do is grab a paper today!


  1. Patricia says

    The proctor and gamble coupons were not in the newspaper at my Walgreens in FL. I was very sad about this. We don’t know if they were stolen out of the paper by the people who deliver or by someone who stopped at the store before we were open or what happened. But my manager also bought a paper and it wasn’t in there either.

  2. Trina says

    WOW!!! I just stumbled across your site a few days ago and it’s really great. Looking forward to starting! Now.. if only the links would work so I could really get started!! :-)

  3. Tiffany says

    I get the Houston chronicle. There were 2 smart sources, 1 p&g, 1 red plum and the pepsi insert in my paper. All the coupons I used came from the 5-1 inserts. There can be some variations by region in coupons but usually not much!!

  4. Cassi says

    Am I missing something or where is Transaction #3? I see #1, 2, 4, 5, & 6… is this a typo or is there another transaction? I’m assuming just a typo but my DH is MAKING me ask cause he’s dying to go shopping at Walgreens now lol.

  5. cinnamin says

    Thank you for your coupon class on Saturday! I learned so much.

    I went to Walgreens today and got 40 dollars worth of products and only paid 1 dollar. I wouldn’t even have to pay that dollar but I forgot that when I get a RR of one product, I cannot buy the same product since it will not print another RR. Oh well! Rookie mistake. I have only been couponing for a month. As you said Tiff, I think I will stick more to CVS but CVS only lets you do one purchase per card usually when there are ECBS’s involved.

    • Vicki says

      Cinnamin – I have read that some RR’s roll at Walgreen’s. It is a good rule of thumb to believe that the RR’s don’t roll. For example some were reporting that the Proglide razor deal rolls, but if it doesn’t, don’t hold me to do it, I haven’t tried it. :) You can always get another CVS card if you want to get more deals than the card maxes you out on. Just use them at different stores or at different times.

      I used to coupon quite often and took a hiatus. I have run out of razors, so I had to start couponing again. :) I was a bigger CVS fan than WAGS, but I got some great deals at WAGS, so if deals are to be had there, do the Walgreens deals. :) A few years ago I got $200 in RR for paying practically nothing and walked out the door with a ton of makeup that I later gave away or sold at a garage sale because I could never use it all. Happy shopping.

      • Tiffany says

        Thats is right on the RR rolling. I would never count on them rolling but on occasion they do and don’t worry we will let you know! Also at CVS you can only have 1 card PER household. Please don’t get a second CVS card, they can ban you from using them at all.

        • Stephanie says

          I’m new to the drug store thing…what do you mean by RR rolling? I’m confused…nothing new, I assure you. :)

          • Tiffany says

            Read the walgreens 101 on the nav bar that should help some. You can’t use RR on the same item that you got them for. Once in a great while you can!

          • Stephanie says

            Oh, I understand now. Thanks Tiffany. :) That seems kind of risky to me, so I won’t try it.

  6. MamaBee says

    awesome! went to walgreens today and got 2x BIC soleil 2x Noxema razors 2x Old Spice body wash and Gillette shaving cream for about $7.

    • Kim says

      Walgreens considers Register Rewards a manufacturers coupon. So if you’re buying one item and want to use a manufacturers coupon and a register reward, you need a filler item to be able to use both.

      • says

        The manager at the Walgreens in Tamina was so nice tonight and explained that to me. When I didn’t get back the RR that I expected, he said that was because I bought everything in one transaction. He then offered to refund the items and re-ring them up so I could get all of my RR’s. He was SO nice and explained to me all about the RR and how you have to have an item for each one to redeem, so when I come back to redeem, I wouldn’t lose out on savings!

        • Carrie says

          Can you explain why doing all of this in one transaction will not work? I understand the need for fillers since the RR is like a manufacturing coupon and you can’t have more coupons than products.

          It seemed like getting started at CVS I initially had a couple of visits that cost a lot, but now I have enough ECBs I only owe a few $$ OOP. How is Walgreens different?

          • Tiffany says

            You can absolutely do them all in one transaction. You are just less money out of your pocket if you do them separately. Sometimes if I am in a hurry I just do one big one and am more out of pocket in cash.

  7. Crystal says

    I went and spent $19.32 and saved 42.48! I got tons of razors for me and my husband and a few Dawns. I went to 3 different Walgreens but only because this was my first time trying to use register rewards and I literally have a Walgreens down the road about 4 blocks from another Walgreens. I messed up on one kind of because I used my RR from the first BIC Soleils for another so I didn’t get another RR. This was my first time tho and I was so pleased with my savings! I love your site and thanks so much for all your hard work.

  8. DQ says

    Wondering if there is anyway you can make it so that when we click a link for coupons etc. from your site it opens the link in a new browser page, instead of taking me away from mylitter.com. I am constantly having to open a new browser to go back to your site when clipping coupons… is this an issue on my end?

    Also, the Noxema packs have a $2 coupon in them… my checker was nice enough to let me bust my pack open and use the coupon at checkout!

    • Tiffany says

      Well I actually get yelled at both ways!!! If you right click the link it should open a new window. I prefer it opening a new page myself!!

    • Mallory Edmunds says

      Also, if you hold CTRL when you click on the link, it will open in a new window as well! Hope this helps!

    • Paige says

      Just went and opened mine – no coupon. DARN. There were two types of Noxema razors and I guess I chose poorly. Oh well!

  9. Karen says

    My Walgreen’s today:
    Trans 1:
    Gillette Fusion Razor and Gum EEZ
    Used $4 off razor
    Got $7 in RR
    Not sure total RR didn’t print 1st and had to re ring
    Trans 2:
    Gillette Fusion Razor and Gum EEZ and 2 Cottenelle 12 Roll
    Used $4 off razor
    $.50 Q for Toilet Paper and $1 off Walgreen May book
    Got $8 in RR
    Total OOP $16.66
    Trans 3
    4 Lysol BOGO
    2 Bandaid
    2 Dawn
    Used 4 .75 Lysol Q’s
    2 .50 Band aid Q’s
    2 ..25 Dawn Q’s
    Filler items 2 hershey bars for .49
    Total for transaction 3 .92 cent OOP
    Paid with $10 in RR

  10. Jackie says

    I went to Walgreens this morning and I dont feel confident with my purchase using the coupons and RR I still spent about $20 does that sound right? I wish I could post my receipts for you to see :)

  11. Lincy Schilling says

    I’m pretty new to this couponing thing so I really have to map out my “plan of attack” as I like to call it. LOL Today when I went in to my walgreens the checkout clerk said I could only make one transaction because the manager caught on to couponers using their RRs to make multiple transactions. I explained to her that I would get back in line after each transaction (even though there was no one behind me at this point) and she still refused. So my “plan” was completely thrown off
    ! I wondered to the back of the store trying to figure out how I was going to make my purchases when I came across a few other couponers who were struggling to do the same. Long story short, I ended up making one transaction then leaving the store for an hour and going back to make another redeeming my RR. But when I walked back in I noticed the clerk staring me down and wispering to another worker. My question is can the manager just change their policy like that? I mean they offer the RR as a loyalty reward, why are they trying to tell us we can’t redeem them the way we want?

    • Tiffany says

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! No offense! :) I can’t believe they think they can do that! That is horrible… That is the purpose of RR, TO USE THEM ON ANOTHER TRANSACTION!!! I am so sorry that happened to you. You HAVE to call Walgreens corporate office ( google it) and explain what happened and ask them to call that store and talk to the manager. Do you have another store you can go to?

      • Lincy Schilling says

        Thank you! I’m so glad you agree! I wanted to call corprate earlier when I was steaming mad but like I said I’m new to this so I was really confused and overwhelmed! There is another Walgreens near by which is about 10 miles away and that was where the other coupon shoppers were headed. I hate to throw anyone under the bus but for the sake of other beginners in my area this happend at the Atascocita location.

  12. Christan says

    I haven’t made my Wal-greens attack today…I feel like I need lots of preparation as I am not very confident when I go in there. I wish they acted more like Albertsons does when I use coupons…one time the checker said “Wow, you saved 40 dollars way to go!!” and at Wal-greens here they act like its a hassle…anyways…I will still be going to get thoese sales! By the way, the Schick razors are on sale for 4.99 and 5.99 at Fred Meyer if anyone is interested in using there 3.00 off coupons there!

  13. Ginger says

    My walgreens had GumEEz ringing up for .75! and I still got the RR. It was the 90 count, non angeled ones, the other ones rang at 2.99. I am headed back tomorrow to do a few more transactions..

  14. Cristina says

    I followed your shopping list to a tee. Except the prices were differant I live in Edinburg, Tx so not sure why the prices were differant; still managed to save 40 dollars….Thanks a million love your site check on it daily you have helped me so much…Keep up the good work.

  15. Kayla says

    I am new to this whole couponing thing – but your site is very inspiring. So I am getting ready for my trip to Walgreens tomorrow and was printing the Shick coupon and it would not let me print it 4 times. I was only able to get 2. I am so bummed! Will this ‘affect’ the transaction with register rewards, or can I just buy the 2 plus a filler and be ok? Help please. Thanks in advance :-)

    • Tiffany says

      You will only be able to get 2 per computer. If you can use another computer do it that way. Sometimes you have to improvise or come up with a new plan! I would just use the 2 coupons on it and pay a little out of my pocket and save the $5 RR for something else…

  16. Daisy says

    I had my transactions worked out and when I get to walgreens I always fell like it never goes like I wanted:-( I bought razors for my husband and me, right guard deod which I got free cause I had $1 blinkies o had gotten from kroger about a month ago body wash and other stuff. Even though I made so many transactions I feel like I can’t roll my rr I’ll have to figure something out cause I left with $22 in rr and they’re almost all $2 ones!!! I saved tons though and went to 4 diff walgreens cause I didn’t want to inconvenience the cashiers with all the transactions All Cashiers today were EXTREMLY nice though;-)

  17. says

    Tiffany can you please explain to me about Transaction #3. How for 4 Schick Hydro razors $9.99 each you pay only 3,48.Maybe i dont understand something.Iam new in couponning. Thank you!

    • Tiffany says

      Transaction #3
      Buy 4 Schick Hydro razors $9.99 ( I got the 5 blade)
      1 Arizona Green Tea (my filler item)
      Use 4 $3 off coupon from their Facebook page HERE
      Use $5 Register Reward from previous purchase
      Total: $3.48

      The razors are bogo free. So I am only paying for 2 anyway. Then I had 4 $3 coupons, so take $12 off there. Then I had a $5 RR from the previous purchase that I used to pay down the rest of the total. But since I had so many coupons I needed to add a filler item and that is why I bought the tea.

      • April says

        So is it their policy in all states that they will take a coupon for the item that is free off the BOGO sale? Another website was saying you may only use a coupon the item you actually purchase…

        • Tiffany says

          When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.
          ~ From Walgreens coupon policy.

        • Tiffany says

          I always go by their policy and call them if I have any questions. It is easier than trying to guess what other people are saying.

      • april says

        P.S> another question. On the about Walgreens page it says you need to spend more than the value of the RR, so in this case the total was less than the $5 RR but they still let it go? Can you elaborate on that please, thanks!

          • april says

            Transaction number 3, where you listed the coupons used and said the end cost was 3.48 (and the RR was 5). So does it just mean the total BEFORE applying the RR can’t be less?

          • Tiffany says

            Right. You can’t use a $5 RR if your total is $3.48. They can’t give you cash back or adjust down a RR.

  18. Megan says

    When doing my transactions. They told me they are only aloud two transactions per customer. Is anyone else having this problem?

  19. Lizzie says

    The Walgreens by my office wouldn’t let me buy four Schick Hydro razors. The manager was called over and she said its store right to limit the number of quantities purchased. I think she was just being rude. I am going to try the Walgreens by my house to see if they’ll allow me to buy them. WISH ME LUCK!!

    • Lizzie says

      Ahhh the Walgreen by my house last night let me perform all my transactions!! Sooo exciting!! Thank you so much!! I won’t have to buy razors for my fiance for awhile now… hopefully :)

  20. dee says

    The walgreens in katy on Pin Oak rd is already out of everything! The next shipment is wednesday at 8am!

  21. Milly says

    I’m new in this. I did the first 2 transactions and I got 5RR from Gillette Proglide.
    I wonder if I buy the Bic Soleil ($ 5.99 ) and I use a $2 coupon that I printed and I buy 2 Pantene products (they are 2 for $7 ) and I use a $3 coupon from the sunday paper, Can I use the 5RR and get 2RR from Bic Soleil and 1RR from Pantene?
    Do I need a filler item ?

  22. Vicky says

    Hey Tiffany I am getting my Walgreens list together and I have a quick question…
    ok Im doing transaction #1and 2 just like you, but my #3 is Bic Soleil and coupon and I get $2 RR back then #4 is your Rightguard one but transaction #5 is the Pearls $6.99 with my $2/1 my question is if I throw in another Arizona iced tea can I use my $5 RR from transaction #2? I know u said to maybe start out@ CVS but Walgreens has ok deals…..

  23. Beamer says

    I have a request…could you put in () where we might find each coupon you mention? For example, Bic shaver coupon (May SS) Im new to this and have to look thru all the fliers to find a mentioned coupon and then still sometimes cant find it. I stumbled upon your blog the other day and its Great. Thanks

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