$3.00 off any one Triaminic product

There is a new $3.00 off any one Triaminic product coupon that you can print!! Make sure that after you have printed one, you hit your “back” button so that you can print 2 coupons!

Triaminic Cough & Cold Strips: $4.97
$3.00 off any one Triaminic product
Total: $1.97 each

Coupons have print limits, so make sure you print yours before they are gone! $3.00 off any one Triaminic product

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  1. vanessa says

    strange question? is the picture of the Triaminic a stock picture or did you actually take it? if you took it, where did you find the Triaminic strips? they are they only thing that truly helps my daughter and I can’t find that at any of my stores any more. Thanks in advance for your help.


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